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I've always preferred concrete to abstract .....   
08:36pm 19/02/2006
mood: pissed off
So I finally find out your were talking about me .. thanks for clearing that up Chelsea, you know your abstract writing really isn't helping us solve these problems we seem to have with eachother. And I'd like to take this moment to point out that Laura DOES have a mind of her own and I will NOT take responsability for her decisions! If you want to blame me for all the problems in the world (or our circle of friends) do so but just realize you are being totally unreasonable.


I’m sorry for making you feel like shit, but please think about everyone else for once. Yes I stole Laura ... not so we could talk behind your back, but so that I wouldn’t be alone. I can’t so skating with you guys ice/skates + pregnancy + Kyla’s natural ability to spaz out do not = good!! And Laura didn’t want to skate so she agreed to hang out with me. We saw a movie, and had Denny’s. We weren’t trying to make you feel bad; I definitely wasn’t trying to ruin your evening. Yes we do talk about you, but we aren't trying to make you out to be a monster and I'm not naive enough to think that you never talk about all the shit I do behind my back. I just thought you'd get over it like I do.


If you have issues with me, the only way to solve them is to talk. I'm not going to ditch you cause your pissed at me. If I don't know what's wrong, I can't fix it, I'm not psychic. So either tell me or don't, but you can't be angry if I do stuff I don't know is hurting you.

And I guess if we’re getting everything out, because bottling is bad, and I’m tired of stewing, I am kinda mad at you, but I'm a lot more hurt. You really seem to have a low opinion of me, and your opinion of Laura isn't much better. For how long we've been friends I thought you'd know us a lot better than that. We haven't spent a lot of time together since before you started dating elliot, and while I will take some of that blame, I wont take all of it. It's not like you ever call me to do stuff. And you spent so much time hanging with your new friends that it's just not habit to call you when I'm not busy, I always just assume your with Elliot, or drinking at Fergus, or going to work or school. You started ditching us first. And as for ditching, I'm sorry I cancel our plans sometimes, but I never thought it really mattered. Most of those times it was a group event, I didn't think you'd miss me.

And even though I’ve been told this is completely childish, and that I shouldn’t be upset because according to certain people we aren’t really even best friends any more, but it’s a little hurtful to read someone’s 27 best moments, who is SUPPOSED to be your best friend, and find that no where in there even the times when you were present were you mentioned. I mean I guess we never had great times together, and the times I was there my presence meant absolutely nothing to you.

I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you Chelsea, and I’m sorry I have been around; I just got the idea that you didn’t really need me anymore. I didn't realize you had so many problems with me. And I'm sorry you just realized that you've replaced us, we had to get over that a while ago. And maybe Laura's right that the three of us need to seriously talk about all this cause I'm tired of trying to preserve your feelings at the cost of everyone else's.

I know that everyone says things they don't really mean when they're hurt or pissed off, and I think that maybe we need to be a honest with each other, I think that by now we should have enough trust in our relationship to be able to openly discuss these things. And next time maybe we could keep it off the internet.

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... It hurts to be forgotten   
01:45pm 16/02/2006
mood: emotionally dead
I had this whole ranty update but it would probably piss a certain someone off, and possibly hut them to, and I don't want to do that. So I'm just going to point out that right now I feel physically horrible, and emotionally dead.
The only real point of this update was to say somehting about how I really enjoy my job, it's such an easy going pace.... at least for me.
The second point was to say how great last night was. I had a Chocolate milkshake at Denny's with Laura, and then we saw Final Destination 3, not as good as 2, but many amusing deaths.
There was also some playing of DDR, during which we both played on light and did not fail, which is (for me at least) a vast improvement.
But for now I'm going back to work, with my head pounding, my body going from feezing to boiling, and my mood the lowest it's been since I had to deal with my granparents finding out about my pregnancy.
Have a good day kids
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10:40am 10/02/2006
mood: productive
Today's kinda amusing acctually as one of my co-workers is going on vacation (she's leaving this afternoon) and our office is already short staffed. So all the work is being divided among the remaining people. I have just sorted through a large stack of papers, my job was to call them all and ask for whatever piece of paperwork we are missing (it was written on a little post-it not in the corner). I have one small stack left but they're all for one person and that person is in a time zone two hours behind ours so I'm waiting 'till 11 to call him (9+2=11). So I thought what shall I do with myself 'till then, and posting in my LJ seemed a good idea.
This way I can share with you what has annoyed me thus far today, and in the subsiquent days since my last post. mostly that even though my boss is buying lunch for us to day I brought most of a lunch with me because by 3 yesterday I was ravenously hungry, unfortunately I've eaten most of it already, I have a pear and 3 cookies left ... in 2 hours I've eaten 2 granola bars and a muffin ... and I ate breakfast this morning!! I hate my constant hunger!! Anyways the othe thing that annoys me is that it's a possibility that I lost my face while walking to work this morning (stupid cold bridge), I think it froze and fell off. Stupid weather. As crazy as it may sound I think that's all that's really anoyed me recently which is good cause I get annoyed a lot.
On the happy side I'm looking forward to dinner this evening with the lovely Nadya and Chelsea!! yay for sexiness!!
on the amused side I did this name thingy that Randi had done and I though it amusing mostly cause according to it I should be an achiever ... lol I don't achieve ... silly name.
And what does my name mean?Collapse )
So now I will return to the world of work.
Ask the blind man he saw it too!   
01:43pm 08/02/2006
mood: excited
So I went to the doctor's this morning,, and in the last month I've gained 6 pounds!! wow go me! So yeah I heard the baby's heart discussed my health concerns, and whatnot. I found out that my due date is officially April 14th! After the doctors I had lunch with Shawn (the lasagna wasn't so good), Then headed to work I think I'm gonna have to stay late monday too cause I got in around 12:30/12:45, which I should have been hear at 12. Oh well.

Here is a ticker I made to count down the days 'till my due date ... although I'm always late, why should this be an exception?

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My mind is on vacation.   
08:57am 07/02/2006
mood: groggy
So I now have a doctors appointment for 10am tomorrow. So I get the morning off work! the only down side is that to make up the hours I have to work 8-5 everyday this week (except yesterday). So yeah 4 days working one extra hour a day = 4hours, so I can be four hours late on wed. and since I usually start at 8, that means that tomorrow I'm working 12-5, which isn't so bad. Bonus that I can sleep in tomorrow and maybe even have some real breakfast!
Other bad news I found out is that Atreyu is coming back to Ottawa, (their last concert rocked so hard!!) and I really wanted to go. Unfortunately it's at the Corel Center, a place I don't really like going, and the tickets are over 30$/each a price I really don't like paying (their last concert was just over 20$). But all of this I could have overcome, because this is my favourite band, and I quite enjoy concerts (Their mosh pit was the best I've ever been in!!) But unfortunatly the concert date is April 14th, which is right around my due date. So deciding that going to a concert 9 months pregnant may not be a good idea, or even days after I give birth, I have come to the conclusion that I can't resonably go. The world hates me!
So yeah all that aside.
I told you guys that I dyed my sisters hair, well she went to school and the other kids teased her cause it looks a little pink. So now she hates it. I like it, it looks good on her. AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH PINK?!?!? kids these days. I told her people suck and she should just insult them back ... or punch them, although I didn't say that to her, but it would be funny. Some people really need a good punch in the face!!
And some people are dead. I haven't heard from a lot of people, in a lot of time. What's with that? maybe they were mauled by a heard of anrgy red pandas? I don't mean the cute little ones, but a normal black and white panda, just red and white instead, you know cause it's eaten to many strawberries, (I <3 KATAMARI!!!!). They were prolly just look for more strawberries .... mmmmm .... strawberries.
So I hope that the world loves you guys more than me, and watch out for red pandas!
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03:04pm 06/02/2006
mood: stressed
I feel ill.
and work sucks. I'm learning somehting new that I am very afraid of fucking up and it's stressing me out. Plus I'm tired, and hungry cause I couldn't eat lunch cause my co-worker is allergic to cooking carrots and my lunch was veggie soup, and I was really hungry this morning and I ate all my snacks then so I have none now!!! The world hates me.
I think I have a headache too.
I died my sister's hair yesterday ... it's plum now. hehehe. It was fun. I wish my hands weren't full of dye or I'd have taken pictures!!
I wanna go home!!
I wish I had ruby slippers. Oh well only an hour to go, then freedom ... hopefully.
I'm gonna go die now.
02:02pm 03/02/2006
mood: hungry
Or at least it is in my office. lol! One of my co-workers is off today as she took her daughter to see hilary duff last night. Since our office is short staffed already we're all working harder today (3 people doing the job of 5). But that's okay it's getting done and I only have 2 hours before I get to go home today. YAY ME!
I'm so excited!!! I'm looking for an apartment and to make matters even better Shawn and I are hoping we get the same one, so no arguements there. Hopefully we'll be moving within the next month and a half!! then my baby shower in march (Randi I need your address I can send you an invite). I like parties!!! Then baby in April!! wow life is full of so much fun! ^_-
Other exciting things included Katie and Chelsea day tomorrow!!!! and movie night tonight!! by that I mean Shawn's coming to my house to watch movies with me!!
Hmmm I think I need to schedual a laura day soon, the last time we hung out we made a baby registry (hahaha I got the scanning gun!!!) and we bought a stroller .... that was fun trying to bring home!
so yay for the groundhog near ottawa the didn't see it's shadow! I hear he's like 84% accurate!! so winter will be over soon, ... not that we've really had a winter. I don't even think the Canal was open for a full 3 weeks so far this year. I really wanted to go skating ... alhtough skates + pregnant may not = good. And winterlude should be fun ... or waterlude rather, tourism this winter must suck.
Time for back to work ...
I'm hungry.
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Ummm .... I guess I shouldn't have asked   
10:14am 02/02/2006
mood: rejected
I knew it. Everyone IS plotting against me! .... meh, I guess at this point there isn't much to be done about it.
If random internet quizzes can tell you how you will die, then I know the future! hehehe

How will I die you ask?Collapse )

yeah, that's a little depressing.
anyways here's something to laugh about:

In president bush's state of the union address I found (and slightly edited) this quote-
"Tonight I ask you to pass legislation to prohibit the most egregious abuses of medical research -- creating human-animal hybrids"

Thank you, and good day
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LOOK A BABY!!!!   
07:26pm 01/02/2006
mood: sleepy
here is the picture from my ultrasound!! it's basically the head and if you can make it out the arm and hand grabing the knee!! I know that the quality is crappy it's a picture of a picture, so yeah, and I mean come on it's an ultrasound.
enjoy kiddies
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09:41am 01/02/2006
mood: working
... I mean WTF is going on with the weather. I remember a time when Jan highs were like -20, and there was snow .. and skiing! I checked the weather last night, and the weather for the next week is supposed to be above 0!!! it's supposed to be 6 degrees on sun!! SIX! that's october weather, not february!!! Take that all you people who think that global warming doesn't exist! I just hope that this summer isn't going to be super unbearably hot because of it!

That would suck!

So it's the beginning of the second month of 2006! I feel kinda rich! I get paid today! plus I have a savings bond to cash and a check form NG for the bonuses I got over Christmas (now if only they'd send me my T4)! all in all it should be like 600$!!! Only one thing detracts from my feelings of greatness. It'll all be gone by this afternoon, and not on clothes, or toys or anything irresponsible and fun either, nope after giving some to VISA (stupid debt) and then to Shawn (stupid savings), I'll be left with hopefully enough to last me 'till the middle of the month, when I next get paid. On the plus I guess I can take pride in the fact that although I have no spending money, my VISA debt is being paid down so that one day (hopefully in the not-to-distant future) I will have no VISA debt!!! Also that Shawn and I will have a decent savings account stored up for moving out and paying for any connection fees etc. and for any house stuff we need, though it's looking like that won't be much!!! yay us!

So to recap and summerize the preceding entry
-winter is broken
-money is good
-greatness is great
That is all,
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Just to interrupt the mundainity of work   
10:13am 31/01/2006
mood: bored
anyways I have the pic of my ultrasound on my compy, but I keep for getting to upload it to the internet so I can use it!! DAMN!! oh well. Work is going pretty well, I'm learning new things and harassing people over the phone.
One of these weird pregnancy things is that I've been finding that I'm constantly hungry, I'll eat 'till I"m full (which isn't long) then I'm hungry again a couple of hours later, it's insane!! oh well, it's also kinda fun.
Speaking of fun ... I bought a stroller on Sat with my good friends Chelsea and Laura ... well Chels had to leave to go to dinner with co-workers but she was there earlier. and then Lo and I made a baby registry at Wal-Mart (hehehe I got to have one of those scanning guns!!) then we took the stroller home, which was sort of a challenge, but we managed! we broke the box a little but the stroller's intact and not scratched or anything, so bonus for us!!
My uncle also gave me a baby monitor today, why he had an unopened one I don't really know, but SCORE ME!!! I"m just raking in the baby things, and the new house things ... it's acctually taking over my room!!!
anyways I gotta go cause a tedious as some of this work is, it must be done!

Later days
Suki... and baby ^_-
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Like a Horny Toucan Sam!!   
08:58am 25/01/2006
mood: exhausted
I keep trying to do this and then I get distracted, or start working again, and it just never happens. Oh Well. It's been so long since I updated ... but no one really wants to know what happened during the lost months so I'll summerize my saying that Summer was good, and it ended awesomly with trips to the Ex, Family camp and Wonderland!! Then I got a real job, and worked from sept. to Dec. when the store I was working at closed. Christmas was good I got a new snowsuit which I unfortunately cant use at the moment, (so much for snowboarding this year T_T ) and a quilting kit which I am having fun bastardising, as well as a multitude of other little things that I quite enjoy (like video games!!). New years was great to, had a family party like usual, it seemed a little less full than usual, but it was nice to see everyone there! Most of Jan. I've been a bum, doing nothing, but now I have a job working in my uncle's office, doing random web stuff, and calling peoples, and fileing (how do you spell that word?) stuff.

But the big news is that I'm having a baby. The ultra sound person tells me it's a girl, cause she didn't see any boy parts, but that's not 100% and Shawn's convinced it's a boy. I should be due sometime around the 13th of April, My mom's convinced it going to be born the 15th during the Easter Vigil, just cause she's busy that night. It's all quite exciting, and shopping for baby stuff is super fun. Sat Chels and Laura and I are gonna sit down and plan out the baby shower and send out invites it's looking like it's gonna be the 4th of March!!! yay!!

I gotts go now, but I'll post my ultrasound photo as soon as Shawn scans it for me!!

Later Days

P.S. see RAndi I finally posted!!! ^_-
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I'm a belle   
01:58pm 05/06/2005
mood: high
... and a slut according to Chelsea ... I'm sorry for not being hmoe pretty but I promise to call you this week .. and if you're not busy we should do something because I misss you lots!! Wow we haven't hung out in awhile. I'm so sad that I missed the MSI concert, but I had no money to buy tickets to go, but I'm definately going to NO USE FOR A NAME!! and we'll definately have to stop for a drink Chels!! hahaha being 19 rocks!!
This weekend has been so much fun, but so long. I'm really tired, when I go home I'm sure I'm gonna sleep for days. Here's the recap for anyone who wants to know. Friday my mom and I hung out together I finally finished watching the 10th kingdom, and I got ready for Shawn's prom. At around 4 I went over to Courtney's, where parent's gathered and cried while taking pictures of their rapidly growing children, and I had a class of Champagne. I have lots of pretty pictures of all the people dressed up pretty ^_^ so after all the shannanigans (hehehe don't you just love that word) like Jean-Marc forgetting his buttons and Shawn his tie. WE left for their prom. which was at the same place as mine was last year, the NAC. So we talked to a whole bunch of people I didn't really know then we (and by that I mean Me, Shawn, Jean-Marc, Shelley, Courtney, Shane, Fro, and Ashley) had dinner, and it was the exact same thing as last year! then there was some dancing, some more chatting and finally we left for the hotel at around 10. WE stopped in confederation park, and got some strangers to take pictures of us in front of the fountain. then continued the walk down elgin st. all the while getting losts of comments from random passers by about how nicely we were dressed. Then we went to the corner store closest to the hotel to buy cigars and lemons, we also bought papers and a lighter ... I got some funny looks, and even more when we went on another trip about 2 hours later for cigarettes and more cigars, which also included a quick stop buy McD's cause it was open 24 hours (there musta been like 5 trips over the course of the evening)The time we were acctually in the hotel was spent drinking, smoking, and playing DDR .. or taking trips to other hotels rooms where friends were staying. the whole evening was really fun, I even manages to sleep for a few hours on the kitchen floor with Shawn (if you're asking why I was sleeping on the kitchen floor the answer is because the carpet was pickly. So after tidying the hotel room, we left around 11, and Courtney, Shane, Shawn and I took a cab home, while Fro, Ashley and Jean-Marc took a bus.
This brings us to sat. Shawn came over and I made something to eat, because by this time we were both starving, then we slept for a few hours and headed back over to courtney's for more drinking and smoking and SWIMMING!! the swimming rocked ecspecially cause it was so hot outside.Then we watched chappelle's show and played more DDR and dead or alive 3. Then every one left, so I went to Shawn's house and passed out. That was around 1 or 2 in the morning and we slept until aroun 10:30, 11:00. So we did get some sleep, and then I played Mario party with Jessica, and Shawn made me eggs :)
So now Shawn and Fro are playing halo 2, and I'm sitting here posting on my LJ. WE're supposed to go to Ross's BBQ later tonight, and hang with more friends, this weekend has been so much fun!!
I also saw Chelsea's May camp pictures!! I love the captions!! :) I think maybe i'll post the picture from this weekend cause my dad lent me his digital camera, but I gotta take it home first.
03:06pm 25/05/2005
mood: chipper
It's been so long since I posted ... I must be dead, stupid bears. Oh Well, so much has happened since my last post, I mean it's been a month people come on!!
So what has happened you may be asking ... I can't remember T_T' - sad but true, but here are some highlights.
LAST WEEKEND WAS MAY CAMP!! it was fun .. really rainy but a completely enjoyable experience. Friday night we voted Mrs. Mr. OPI (which was a guys dressed as a girl) and Mr. Mrs. OPI ( a girl dressed as a guy) Then enitre experience was halarious as the clothes they were wearing had to come from audience members ...(come on guys take off your pants ... ummm Kyla I'm not sure that's appropriate for a CO-ED JC camp ... no, it prolly isn't, but it's funny) The winners were Jean-Marc and Chelsea, lmao. this was followed by a games of night eyes, and free time. Saturday proved rainy but we still played capture the flag, soccer, limbo, gimo, ice breakers, and did a service project (I set up and dismantled tents for 2 hours). The evening concluded with the best Joinct Council Talent Show EVER! which included much random signing (THERE WAS A TREE), 28th's techno mix, popping balloons, the advisors making fun of the campers, and the day people playing a twisted game of party quirks. I'm not sure what was funnier, Anna's headless Chicken, John giving birth to a monkey, or Andrew revealing that he was wearing Chelsea's skirt. Then it was Sunday .. MY DAY!!!. WE did the own in the morning, and many of the scouts were wondering why the guides knew so many songs, then the first game was Mardi Gras Mummies .. which was so much funnier for those organizing it than those playing it!! followed by lunch, and after we made catapults ... unfortunatly our first one failed so we lashed a spar to Fro ... and the Frodopult was a success, we won the distance competition, go us! The evening concluded with the JC danceand who can forget Andrew's fire. eigth foot spars made up the teepee shape and it was filled with logsand covered with a 2 gallon mixture of naptha, gasoline, and some aluminum solution. So that after launching the match from 5 feet away the fire was so bright everyone camping in OPI could have seen it. Monday, was cleaning and packup.
To summerize the weekend pranks were played, rules were bent, fun was had .. and I was touched inappropriatly many times ... I love joint council!!
I can't really think of anything else to important other than the fact that Shawn and I are dating again, yesterday would be one week ... sure doesn't feel that long though, and I'm going to his prom on the third ... I hate dress shopping.
So stuff has happened, fun was had, now I must go sell girl guid cookies ... but I'm hopeing that the sexy Katie and Chelsea ... or Cheltie will post there sexy comp pictures soon .... eh? eh? nudge nudge, wink wink, thrust thrust!
yours in sexiness
I think I use the word sexy or a variation of that word to often, someone should find me a nice synonym to use!
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Turn on the nature channel, something might be eating a dingo!   
02:31pm 25/04/2005
mood: rejuvenated
Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted, like three weeks! HOLY SHIT! but some interesting things have happened, as well as some new developments that are keeping me away from the internet. So what's the story morning glory?
Well let's see, the weekend after my last post was 12th Qu'Appelle enrollement, the friday before I spent the evening chilling at Tim's house with Tim (of course) Shawn (I should prolly add an of course there as well), Andrew, Tyler, Jean-Marc, and Fro. There was guitar playing, junking out, and video games abound. Then it was enrollment which was an awakeover (prolly wasn't a good idea to forgo sleep the night before) The awake over rocked, it was fun hanigng in the market and then dinner at east side mario's was so good, (yummy unlimited break and salade) We ate so much of their bread, becuase it's so awesomely good!! :) after which we shopped around st. Laurent, then went to see a movie (it's 4.25 with tax at the rainbow cinema!!)I saw Constantine (got faith?) whihc was pretty good, and after we went to perkins for dessert, then back to the church. we played trivial persuit (2nd place!!) then watched pirates of the carribean, and in the morning cooked breakfast and enrolled all of our new members. I went home on sun. morning and passed outalmost right after I got home, having not slept in two days. The week was pretty uneventful then last weekend a few friends came over, we sat at my kitchen table completely sober and played this game where you had to add one word to make a story ... lmao gonging!! Then we got trashed and passed out, then got up the next morning and hung for the majority of the day, we played the game of life, (you can have a shot when everyone has children .... okay the game's done and you have no childen .. no shot for you) Then I cleaned and my rents came home.
Another uneventful week passed but this weekend rocked. Friday I kidnapped Chels after work, and then Chels had to go to billings, so we shopped a bit and then went to her house ate vegetable soup (I have another addiction) and watched corner gas .. which I've now seen the entire first season!! (they had a moment!!) And then on Sat. I hads a suprise birthday for Shawn which was fun .. I made the greatest cake ever and we all hung to gether and had fun partying, with balloons (it's a boy .. it's a girl .. PENIS BALLOONS .... that's one demented mouse ... it's ears look like nipples!!) Shawn and I hung out on sunday, watching random movies and eating random foods!! (rice and alphagetti taste okay together acctually) After Shawn went home I finished the last bit of cleaning, the part that no one wanted to help with ... the dishes! We used every small plate and fork in my house, plus most of the spoons and the regular sized plates, and a lot of the pots and pans!! it took nearly an hour to do all the dishes.
But over all the weekend rocked, and the last three weeks have been fun. What I have left out of this story however is that due to my lack of job, my access to the internet has been restricted and I have no msn and my dad has blocked out web messenger, which doesn't even work on the computer properly to begin with ... stupid pot up blockers, anyhow it also means I don't have access to hotmail, which is royally screwing stuff up because it's the one that jc, and many of my friends use. :( oh well gotta get a job ... planning stuff is so hard without msn .. so is staying home alone ... no one tyo talk to :(
so yeah school's over, I need a job, balloons are great, and Shawn's birthday is in 2 days ... and I still don't know what to get him!
So now all I really have to say is Chelsea, Katie and Anderw (yes the misspelling is purposful) to post they're piccy's and I think Andrew should get an lj so he can post all the pics he takes .. they are so fucking amusing.
Look at these random quizzesCollapse )
Now I think that's all for me at the moment... I think I'll go running... and buy a newspaper.
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Your Hell is when you dream and I'm awake   
12:46pm 05/04/2005
mood: blank
Well it's now the tuesday after a very good weekend, that I feel you should all know about. So Friday Cheslea and I went to Katie's house .. in barrhaven ..lol. So anyhow we drank and ignored the corporation in exchange for having many conversations about how people are stupid. I learned that children are stupid and never to drink american milk. hoe is werrin!!!!! Chelsea became my secretary for the evening too!
So Saturday we had wendy's, and went into Wal-Mart. We spent an awful lot of time in the baby section .. someone needs to have a baby, their clothes are so cute. ^_^
Anyhow then Chels and I went back to my house where I had to go into my neighbours house climb through their window and into mine, cause I was locked out. T_T So anyways Chelsea and I went on MSN and talked to people, then I had a shower, stood around in a towel for awhile, then got dressed and went to meet Laura.
Chels, Lo and I stood around Blockbuster for about 40min, and decided that there wasn't anything worth watching then we headed back to my house. We watched saved (the muffin shop is closed!!) then Shawn came over and we watched corner gas, then we hung in the garage cause it was raining outside. So after that I made macaronie in pasta sause and then we watched more corner gas in the basement. Then Chelsea and Shawn left and Laura and I went to bed. At 5:45 in the morning we woke up and I made Laura breakfast, then she left for work and I went back to sleep.
Sunday Shawn and I played Shadow Hearts 2, and finally made it to the second disc!! I really love this game!! Anyhow I suppose that brings us to monday ... I didn't feel well yesterday so I slept a lot.
Today is joint council, and the last day for apparel orders, and I'm finishing all the final details for the enrollment this weekend.

Some stuff I stole from Randi and KatieCollapse )
have fun people! ^_-
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My happy memories hurt, but they're all I have.   
03:22pm 25/03/2005
mood: sad
Ever noticed how holdays can be some of the saddest times of ther year? ... Don't get me wrong they're some of the happiest as well. Spending time with family and friends ... but I can't help but think of the people I wont be seeing this easter and feeling sad.
I've had Ave Maria stuck in my head for no reason for days now, so as I logged into MSN I decided to play it to get it out of my head. The version my Dad recorded is on the laptop next to me. But instead of getting the song out of my head, I could only think of my gramma, as I sang along.
I miss her so much, she was such an important part of my life. And thinking of howmuch I miss her inevitably leads to my aunt and how much I miss her, my grandpoo, and my uncle, who I never really knew to begin with, and then all my family that is to far away to see ... like my cousin in BC, my aunt who's alos there, even my grandparents.
It's stupid to dwell cause it makes me cry, so I choke back tears and try to be strong, cause I know that they are somewhere all together looking down on us, and watching over us.
I miss you guys.
But what I really wanted to say before I started this depressing rant is Happy Easter everyone.
Thanks for all the happy memories .. I'll hold you close in my heart forever.
Lots of love to all my friends and family.
Would you hurt me just to hear me scream your name?   
11:01am 17/03/2005
  Well here's the quizzes I took. I'm designing a character according to what they have told me ... it shall used on my web site! :)
my characterCollapse )
I still need to finish and scan the pic ... plus insert my usual rant which is to come later tonight ....
To be continued...
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he's like an incontinent kitten ... endearing but you don't want it on top of you.   
09:52am 17/03/2005
mood: cranky
.. So Randi made me do more quizzes .... so I thought maybe I'll do some quizzes .... and this is the result
RESULTS!!Collapse )
81% on tact ...woohooo!!!
So yeah there should be another post at some point today ... which will include a rant into how I've been feeling lately (I haven't done that is so long) ... some random pessimistic look into society and it's fuctionality .... and a picture I drew myself which will be like an avatar on my website which I"m fixing up (the layout right now is sooo nice ... I just have to fix the code ... stupid tables!!) ... and the quizzes I took to figure out how she'd look!! :)
So yeah ...... Later
.. *grumbles* ....   
09:52am 16/03/2005
mood: sleepy
Sakura__Blossom is worn out.
Sleep when you're dead! Whether it's emotionally or physically, you're exhausted. Have you considered sleeping pills? I took them when I had mono, and they made everything better.
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