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My happy memories hurt, but they're all I have.

Ever noticed how holdays can be some of the saddest times of ther year? ... Don't get me wrong they're some of the happiest as well. Spending time with family and friends ... but I can't help but think of the people I wont be seeing this easter and feeling sad.
I've had Ave Maria stuck in my head for no reason for days now, so as I logged into MSN I decided to play it to get it out of my head. The version my Dad recorded is on the laptop next to me. But instead of getting the song out of my head, I could only think of my gramma, as I sang along.
I miss her so much, she was such an important part of my life. And thinking of howmuch I miss her inevitably leads to my aunt and how much I miss her, my grandpoo, and my uncle, who I never really knew to begin with, and then all my family that is to far away to see ... like my cousin in BC, my aunt who's alos there, even my grandparents.
It's stupid to dwell cause it makes me cry, so I choke back tears and try to be strong, cause I know that they are somewhere all together looking down on us, and watching over us.
I miss you guys.
But what I really wanted to say before I started this depressing rant is Happy Easter everyone.
Thanks for all the happy memories .. I'll hold you close in my heart forever.
Lots of love to all my friends and family.
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