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Your Hell is when you dream and I'm awake

Well it's now the tuesday after a very good weekend, that I feel you should all know about. So Friday Cheslea and I went to Katie's house .. in barrhaven So anyhow we drank and ignored the corporation in exchange for having many conversations about how people are stupid. I learned that children are stupid and never to drink american milk. hoe is werrin!!!!! Chelsea became my secretary for the evening too!
So Saturday we had wendy's, and went into Wal-Mart. We spent an awful lot of time in the baby section .. someone needs to have a baby, their clothes are so cute. ^_^
Anyhow then Chels and I went back to my house where I had to go into my neighbours house climb through their window and into mine, cause I was locked out. T_T So anyways Chelsea and I went on MSN and talked to people, then I had a shower, stood around in a towel for awhile, then got dressed and went to meet Laura.
Chels, Lo and I stood around Blockbuster for about 40min, and decided that there wasn't anything worth watching then we headed back to my house. We watched saved (the muffin shop is closed!!) then Shawn came over and we watched corner gas, then we hung in the garage cause it was raining outside. So after that I made macaronie in pasta sause and then we watched more corner gas in the basement. Then Chelsea and Shawn left and Laura and I went to bed. At 5:45 in the morning we woke up and I made Laura breakfast, then she left for work and I went back to sleep.
Sunday Shawn and I played Shadow Hearts 2, and finally made it to the second disc!! I really love this game!! Anyhow I suppose that brings us to monday ... I didn't feel well yesterday so I slept a lot.
Today is joint council, and the last day for apparel orders, and I'm finishing all the final details for the enrollment this weekend.

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