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Turn on the nature channel, something might be eating a dingo!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted, like three weeks! HOLY SHIT! but some interesting things have happened, as well as some new developments that are keeping me away from the internet. So what's the story morning glory?
Well let's see, the weekend after my last post was 12th Qu'Appelle enrollement, the friday before I spent the evening chilling at Tim's house with Tim (of course) Shawn (I should prolly add an of course there as well), Andrew, Tyler, Jean-Marc, and Fro. There was guitar playing, junking out, and video games abound. Then it was enrollment which was an awakeover (prolly wasn't a good idea to forgo sleep the night before) The awake over rocked, it was fun hanigng in the market and then dinner at east side mario's was so good, (yummy unlimited break and salade) We ate so much of their bread, becuase it's so awesomely good!! :) after which we shopped around st. Laurent, then went to see a movie (it's 4.25 with tax at the rainbow cinema!!)I saw Constantine (got faith?) whihc was pretty good, and after we went to perkins for dessert, then back to the church. we played trivial persuit (2nd place!!) then watched pirates of the carribean, and in the morning cooked breakfast and enrolled all of our new members. I went home on sun. morning and passed outalmost right after I got home, having not slept in two days. The week was pretty uneventful then last weekend a few friends came over, we sat at my kitchen table completely sober and played this game where you had to add one word to make a story ... lmao gonging!! Then we got trashed and passed out, then got up the next morning and hung for the majority of the day, we played the game of life, (you can have a shot when everyone has children .... okay the game's done and you have no childen .. no shot for you) Then I cleaned and my rents came home.
Another uneventful week passed but this weekend rocked. Friday I kidnapped Chels after work, and then Chels had to go to billings, so we shopped a bit and then went to her house ate vegetable soup (I have another addiction) and watched corner gas .. which I've now seen the entire first season!! (they had a moment!!) And then on Sat. I hads a suprise birthday for Shawn which was fun .. I made the greatest cake ever and we all hung to gether and had fun partying, with balloons (it's a boy .. it's a girl .. PENIS BALLOONS .... that's one demented mouse ... it's ears look like nipples!!) Shawn and I hung out on sunday, watching random movies and eating random foods!! (rice and alphagetti taste okay together acctually) After Shawn went home I finished the last bit of cleaning, the part that no one wanted to help with ... the dishes! We used every small plate and fork in my house, plus most of the spoons and the regular sized plates, and a lot of the pots and pans!! it took nearly an hour to do all the dishes.
But over all the weekend rocked, and the last three weeks have been fun. What I have left out of this story however is that due to my lack of job, my access to the internet has been restricted and I have no msn and my dad has blocked out web messenger, which doesn't even work on the computer properly to begin with ... stupid pot up blockers, anyhow it also means I don't have access to hotmail, which is royally screwing stuff up because it's the one that jc, and many of my friends use. :( oh well gotta get a job ... planning stuff is so hard without msn .. so is staying home alone ... no one tyo talk to :(
so yeah school's over, I need a job, balloons are great, and Shawn's birthday is in 2 days ... and I still don't know what to get him!
So now all I really have to say is Chelsea, Katie and Anderw (yes the misspelling is purposful) to post they're piccy's and I think Andrew should get an lj so he can post all the pics he takes .. they are so fucking amusing.

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Now I think that's all for me at the moment... I think I'll go running... and buy a newspaper.
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