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It's been so long since I posted ... I must be dead, stupid bears. Oh Well, so much has happened since my last post, I mean it's been a month people come on!!
So what has happened you may be asking ... I can't remember T_T' - sad but true, but here are some highlights.
LAST WEEKEND WAS MAY CAMP!! it was fun .. really rainy but a completely enjoyable experience. Friday night we voted Mrs. Mr. OPI (which was a guys dressed as a girl) and Mr. Mrs. OPI ( a girl dressed as a guy) Then enitre experience was halarious as the clothes they were wearing had to come from audience members ...(come on guys take off your pants ... ummm Kyla I'm not sure that's appropriate for a CO-ED JC camp ... no, it prolly isn't, but it's funny) The winners were Jean-Marc and Chelsea, lmao. this was followed by a games of night eyes, and free time. Saturday proved rainy but we still played capture the flag, soccer, limbo, gimo, ice breakers, and did a service project (I set up and dismantled tents for 2 hours). The evening concluded with the best Joinct Council Talent Show EVER! which included much random signing (THERE WAS A TREE), 28th's techno mix, popping balloons, the advisors making fun of the campers, and the day people playing a twisted game of party quirks. I'm not sure what was funnier, Anna's headless Chicken, John giving birth to a monkey, or Andrew revealing that he was wearing Chelsea's skirt. Then it was Sunday .. MY DAY!!!. WE did the own in the morning, and many of the scouts were wondering why the guides knew so many songs, then the first game was Mardi Gras Mummies .. which was so much funnier for those organizing it than those playing it!! followed by lunch, and after we made catapults ... unfortunatly our first one failed so we lashed a spar to Fro ... and the Frodopult was a success, we won the distance competition, go us! The evening concluded with the JC danceand who can forget Andrew's fire. eigth foot spars made up the teepee shape and it was filled with logsand covered with a 2 gallon mixture of naptha, gasoline, and some aluminum solution. So that after launching the match from 5 feet away the fire was so bright everyone camping in OPI could have seen it. Monday, was cleaning and packup.
To summerize the weekend pranks were played, rules were bent, fun was had .. and I was touched inappropriatly many times ... I love joint council!!
I can't really think of anything else to important other than the fact that Shawn and I are dating again, yesterday would be one week ... sure doesn't feel that long though, and I'm going to his prom on the third ... I hate dress shopping.
So stuff has happened, fun was had, now I must go sell girl guid cookies ... but I'm hopeing that the sexy Katie and Chelsea ... or Cheltie will post there sexy comp pictures soon .... eh? eh? nudge nudge, wink wink, thrust thrust!
yours in sexiness
I think I use the word sexy or a variation of that word to often, someone should find me a nice synonym to use!
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