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... It hurts to be forgotten

I had this whole ranty update but it would probably piss a certain someone off, and possibly hut them to, and I don't want to do that. So I'm just going to point out that right now I feel physically horrible, and emotionally dead.
The only real point of this update was to say somehting about how I really enjoy my job, it's such an easy going pace.... at least for me.
The second point was to say how great last night was. I had a Chocolate milkshake at Denny's with Laura, and then we saw Final Destination 3, not as good as 2, but many amusing deaths.
There was also some playing of DDR, during which we both played on light and did not fail, which is (for me at least) a vast improvement.
But for now I'm going back to work, with my head pounding, my body going from feezing to boiling, and my mood the lowest it's been since I had to deal with my granparents finding out about my pregnancy.
Have a good day kids
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