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I've always preferred concrete to abstract .....

So I finally find out your were talking about me .. thanks for clearing that up Chelsea, you know your abstract writing really isn't helping us solve these problems we seem to have with eachother. And I'd like to take this moment to point out that Laura DOES have a mind of her own and I will NOT take responsability for her decisions! If you want to blame me for all the problems in the world (or our circle of friends) do so but just realize you are being totally unreasonable.


I’m sorry for making you feel like shit, but please think about everyone else for once. Yes I stole Laura ... not so we could talk behind your back, but so that I wouldn’t be alone. I can’t so skating with you guys ice/skates + pregnancy + Kyla’s natural ability to spaz out do not = good!! And Laura didn’t want to skate so she agreed to hang out with me. We saw a movie, and had Denny’s. We weren’t trying to make you feel bad; I definitely wasn’t trying to ruin your evening. Yes we do talk about you, but we aren't trying to make you out to be a monster and I'm not naive enough to think that you never talk about all the shit I do behind my back. I just thought you'd get over it like I do.


If you have issues with me, the only way to solve them is to talk. I'm not going to ditch you cause your pissed at me. If I don't know what's wrong, I can't fix it, I'm not psychic. So either tell me or don't, but you can't be angry if I do stuff I don't know is hurting you.

And I guess if we’re getting everything out, because bottling is bad, and I’m tired of stewing, I am kinda mad at you, but I'm a lot more hurt. You really seem to have a low opinion of me, and your opinion of Laura isn't much better. For how long we've been friends I thought you'd know us a lot better than that. We haven't spent a lot of time together since before you started dating elliot, and while I will take some of that blame, I wont take all of it. It's not like you ever call me to do stuff. And you spent so much time hanging with your new friends that it's just not habit to call you when I'm not busy, I always just assume your with Elliot, or drinking at Fergus, or going to work or school. You started ditching us first. And as for ditching, I'm sorry I cancel our plans sometimes, but I never thought it really mattered. Most of those times it was a group event, I didn't think you'd miss me.

And even though I’ve been told this is completely childish, and that I shouldn’t be upset because according to certain people we aren’t really even best friends any more, but it’s a little hurtful to read someone’s 27 best moments, who is SUPPOSED to be your best friend, and find that no where in there even the times when you were present were you mentioned. I mean I guess we never had great times together, and the times I was there my presence meant absolutely nothing to you.

I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you Chelsea, and I’m sorry I have been around; I just got the idea that you didn’t really need me anymore. I didn't realize you had so many problems with me. And I'm sorry you just realized that you've replaced us, we had to get over that a while ago. And maybe Laura's right that the three of us need to seriously talk about all this cause I'm tired of trying to preserve your feelings at the cost of everyone else's.

I know that everyone says things they don't really mean when they're hurt or pissed off, and I think that maybe we need to be a honest with each other, I think that by now we should have enough trust in our relationship to be able to openly discuss these things. And next time maybe we could keep it off the internet.

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