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My mind is on vacation.

So I now have a doctors appointment for 10am tomorrow. So I get the morning off work! the only down side is that to make up the hours I have to work 8-5 everyday this week (except yesterday). So yeah 4 days working one extra hour a day = 4hours, so I can be four hours late on wed. and since I usually start at 8, that means that tomorrow I'm working 12-5, which isn't so bad. Bonus that I can sleep in tomorrow and maybe even have some real breakfast!
Other bad news I found out is that Atreyu is coming back to Ottawa, (their last concert rocked so hard!!) and I really wanted to go. Unfortunately it's at the Corel Center, a place I don't really like going, and the tickets are over 30$/each a price I really don't like paying (their last concert was just over 20$). But all of this I could have overcome, because this is my favourite band, and I quite enjoy concerts (Their mosh pit was the best I've ever been in!!) But unfortunatly the concert date is April 14th, which is right around my due date. So deciding that going to a concert 9 months pregnant may not be a good idea, or even days after I give birth, I have come to the conclusion that I can't resonably go. The world hates me!
So yeah all that aside.
I told you guys that I dyed my sisters hair, well she went to school and the other kids teased her cause it looks a little pink. So now she hates it. I like it, it looks good on her. AND WHAT'S WRONG WITH PINK?!?!? kids these days. I told her people suck and she should just insult them back ... or punch them, although I didn't say that to her, but it would be funny. Some people really need a good punch in the face!!
And some people are dead. I haven't heard from a lot of people, in a lot of time. What's with that? maybe they were mauled by a heard of anrgy red pandas? I don't mean the cute little ones, but a normal black and white panda, just red and white instead, you know cause it's eaten to many strawberries, (I <3 KATAMARI!!!!). They were prolly just look for more strawberries .... mmmmm .... strawberries.
So I hope that the world loves you guys more than me, and watch out for red pandas!
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